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Access appointment and availabilities information in dashboard

The dashboard provides an access to the schedule of all medical resource. You can access the schedule by selecting “Agenda” in the navigation menu:

In this section, you will now be able to select the clinic (if you have access to multiple clinics), the medical resource and the time period. If you want to narrow down your search to some tasks, you can select the task to display.

When clicking on “Show appointments” or “Show availabilities”, the system will display all the availabilities or appointments for which the tasks associated have been activated for one of the product.

  • Appointments
    • Automated Appointment Reminders
    • Medical Self-Service Kiosk
    • Online Appointment Booking
  • Availabilities
    • Online Appointment Booking

Appointments with a phone logo have been confirmed. Appointments are considered to be confirmed when the last reminder has been completed with success.

Appointment details can be shown by clicking on an appointment:

Updated on January 22, 2018

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